We do not forget the boring little details: To send out invitations in time, to make sure petty cash spending is accounted for, or sending the two bottles of red wine to last week’s competition prizewinner. All these tasks pass under the self-effacing term Administration.
Behind our sales, PR and marketing teams, you will find a competent administration team, ensuring that invoices are produced, bills are paid, reporting and follow-up items are executed and that phones, software, hardware and meeting facilities works. Every day. Always.
Continuous budget control and reporting
Indifferent of whether we service you with a stand-alone solution from our Menu of Services, or we serve you on a two-year contract, we are following budgets. We continuously follow up on all budgets we administer on your behalf and report to you on a running basis.
Mail correspondence,
e-mails and phone lines with your name on them

When we work for you – we are you! Our call center includes dedicated phone lines and e-mail addresses in your name. Our teams know your organization’s internal systems and work flows, and therefore they can respond with the same efficiency and speed as if they were physically located in your headquarters.
Call center outsourcing,
including customer support and claims

Whenever your customer calls with a problem, they expect you to be able to solve it. No matter if it concerns a lost suitcase, a missed departure, a wrong hotel room or something different.
Our teams are educated to handle your claims, perform professional help desk assistance and general terms react to the everyday challenges, we all face in the industry. Our team can solve 95 % of the jobs instantly. As for the remaining 5 % we will deal with those after asking your approval, the same day they are received.
Back office tasks
Discover The World Nordic include a full service reservation department with highly trained, skilled and dedicated staff. We know all the GDS systems to the detail, and as a part of the global Discover network, we also offer your company access to BSP/IBCS ticketing.
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