Sales is where we demonstrate exactly how high a return of your investment you will receive. Outsourcing is not just about minimizing costs. It is more about optimizing your revenues through an increase in sales.
At Discover, we put Sales first, in the middle and in the end of every single activity, we launch on behalf of our clients. Moreover, we are not blushing whilst promising you the most talented, credible, efficient and loyal Sales Team within the industry in our region.
Active Sales to all segments in the industry
We have a detailed firsthand knowledge of all relevant players in the travel industry in our region, including tour operators, agents, corporate actors, business travel agencies, group tour agencies, niche agencies, OTA’s etc. We know them – and they know us!
Defining and keeping sales targets
In a close dialogue with our clients, we define milestones to reach in Sales, and we continuously follow up on how far we are, and report on a regular basis. Where necessary we suggest adjustments and at the same time deliver inputs we have learned from your customers: How does prices and product match supply and demand, what are the specific requests from different segments, where can sales be increased, and de we offer products and services which need adjustments to fit the market. As our client, you will receive a full sales report on a monthly basis or as often as you desire, which can be used proactively to strengthen your position on a short notice.
Sales blitzes - campaigns
When in need for an extra Sales effort, for instance building up to a promotion campaign, you will find our dedicated sales team ready to serve. Using our state-of-the art CRM database, the most up-to-date data you will find in our market, we can identify exactly which customers will generate the most sales increase in a sales blitz, and plan the execution of the blitz to your maximum benefit.
Key sales to selected segments
Most Sales- and Marketing strategies attempt to hit the biggest possible market potential at the lowest possible investment. However, at Discover, we do not forget your niche markets. Our unique CRM system identifies niche customer potential within minutes, so no matter if you are looking for golf agencies, health travel operators or something third, we are ready to meet your customers then you desire.
Benchmarking and competitor surveillance
At Discover The World Nordic, we know our markets to the detail. Amongst others, because we make an effort to maintain first-hand knowledge of your competitors behavior. We benchmark their prices and supply against yours, keep a close eye on new route developments, new players in your market, and changes in their organizations, which could affect their market approach.
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