Online/Digital marketing
Digital marketing is an integrated part of any marketing strategy to day, gaining continuously more space in the marketing universe. As a global player, Discover has its own in-house digital marketing company
Specializing in delivering state-of-the-art solutions to clients in the travel and tourism industry, we offer you accessing our global network of expertise. And by making use of our in-house expertise you gain the benefits of the experiences we have gathered from working with some of the globes biggest industry players, at an investment miles below the cost of finding a local player on your own.
Developing an online interactive marketing strategy
Working with you, we help design & execute online campaigns that support your marketing strategy. Our expertise is in the development of incremental revenue from international markets under-served by your current sales and marketing focus.
Building micro sites, trade sites etc.
Online interactive promotions to target and increase trade contact
Online or Offline training (webinars)
Micro & full content trade sites to educate, train and increase interest and loyalty
Digital analysis, surveys, customer questionnaires etc.
Online surveys to find out what agents think about your products and promotions with in-depth reporting on results
Developing and implementing loyalty programs
Tailor made Loyalty schemes directed at key audiences
Travelmarket Interactive