Even the most carefully planned marketing effort requires that the correct target group be reached. This goes geographically, demographically and in terms of volume.
This is why Discovers marketing planning is always based on the behavior, size and evolution of our home market.
We monitor the development in air transport, accommodation, destinations and travel patterns within the entire Nordic region. We know why companies and individuals travel the way they do, where they go, how long they are gone where they stay, what their consumption is, how often they travel etc.
Developing operational marketing strategies
Our firsthand knowledge of market conditions in the Nordics enables us to develop marketing strategies, which are carefully adapted not only to the overall tendencies in the region, but adjusted to specific conditions that might only apply in one of the countries in the region, or even in a part of one country with a particular strong population density.
Developing an operational marketing strategy includes ready-to-go implementation plans, budgets, time schedules and well-defined milestones to be realized within the agreed period. The development of the operational marketing strategy happens in a close cooperation with the individual client.
Adapting an existing strategy to local market conditions
If you already have a global strategy, which should be adapted to our region, we can make the necessary adjustments to adapting your strategy to the local or regional market conditions in the Nordics. This could be adjustments of the individual activity level in different parts of our market, budgetary breakdowns on an activity plan or an evaluation of elements in your global strategy, which would result in an extraordinarily high return of investment, compared to others.
Developing and implementing
campaigns on print, internet and social media

Our marketing team has decades of experience in transforming creative strategies into efficient practice. We offer implementation of campaigns on print, the internet and social media in cooperation with local, external partners, ensuring our clients a maximized revenue of the invested time and capital. Moreover, we ensure an efficient and professional implementation of singular events, workshops, fair participation etc., where your target group is represented with high visitor numbers.
B2B and B2C
Elements in your marketing strategy could be directed against the B2B as well as B2C segments, and at Discover we know both markets to the detail, throughout our region. Our marketing Menu of Services is not limited to the traditional workshops and trade shows. We also include marketing disciplines such as guerilla marketing, street events and viral campaign marketing, and gladly in interaction with social media activities. Where needed in order to acquire the relevant expertise, happily in cooperation with external partners.
Market Intelligence reports
Even the best marketing strategy needs an occasional reviewing and continuous adjusting. No market conditions are static, including ours. We produce market intelligence reports on a regular basis, in order to ensure our clients’ continued staying up-to-date on the evolution in our markets, i.e. the latest development within competition and new products and services offered in our market. Moreover, when delivering our market intelligence reports, we follow up with suggesting adjustments to your marketing strategy, which we find advantageous to your continued success and growth.
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